Gordon Low Installation Tutorial - Fitting a Prefabricated Pipe Sleeve.

The tutorial shows the fitting of a Gordon Low Prefabricated Pipe Sleeve produced to the actual pipe size required (min dia. 110mm) and is fitted using the Firestone Quickseam System.


  • pipesleeve1
  • pipesleeve2
  • pipesleeve3
  • pipesleeve4
  • pipesleeve5
  • pipesleeve6
  • pipesleeve7
  • pipesleeve8
  • pipesleeve9
  • pipesleeve10
  • pipesleeve11
  • pipesleeve12
  • pipesleeve13
  • pipesleeve14
  • pipesleeve15
  • pipesleeve16
  • pipesleeve17
  • pipesleeve18
  • pipesleeve19
  • pipesleeve20
  • pipesleeve21

The tutorial movie may take a few minutes to download depending upon your internet connection. Once loaded it will scroll through the key stages of fitting a Gordon Low Prefabricated Pipe Sleeve.



When using Firestone Seaming Products follow all appropriate Safety Guidelines.

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