Project Showcase - Gold Medal Show Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012

What the Royal Horticultural Society said about this garden - "Designed by Adam Frost, A Rural Muse was designed for a Stamford couple who love their region’s landscape and environment, especially the walks of the well-known local peasant poet John Clare. Adam Frost has taken inspiration from the distinct and diverse countryside that shaped so much of Clare's poetry to create a space for entertaining and relaxation designed with biodiversity and wildlife in mind.

The materials were selected to recreate the garden’s regional identity. Many of the elements have multiple functions, such as the stone boulders that double up as stepping stones and seating. A green oak-framed shelter offers a focal point and attracts bees with its clover roof."

During the construction phase of this garden the landscapers used a 4.27m x 16.15m Firestone 1mm Pondgard Pond Liner and Heavy Duty Underlay to create the pool feature. Completely burried beneath stone the liner is not visible in the finished garden.


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