Project Showcase - Concrete pond box-welded liner Project- Turtle Productions

Our customer TurtleProductions recently re-lined a concrete grade 2 listed pond in Clapham, Yorkshire.

Installation restrictions governing the concrete structure meant the only way to re-line this leaking pond was by fabricating a box-welded liner to drop in to the pond. So a template was produced, sent to us and our fabrication team produced the bespoke liner to suit in our factory. Due to the unusual profile and the central island, it was decided to produce the liner in two parts which were then joined in-situ.

We think you will agree this was quite a feat, and the end result is excellent.

Read more about the Reginald Farrar pond project here:- turtlepondandlakeliners


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Turtle Productions Ltd are a specialist lake and pond liner installation company based in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire but operate throughout Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Avon, Wiltshire and Somerset.









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