Project Showcase - WaterGems (ALBA) Ltd - Private Lake Scotland

A stunning Lake construction by WaterGems (ALBA) Ltd. This project for a private client in Scotland, comprised four pond liner panels each 15m x 30m Firestone PondGard sheets joined on site using the Firestone QuickSeam™ system.


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(images courtesy of WaterGems (ALBA) Ltd.)

WaterGems (Alba) Ltd is a specialist designer and builder of water-related work; from small garden ponds through to large-scale commercial projects such as wetland and habitat creation.

Their water-based projects include:
pools • rills • waterfalls • streams • cascades • fountains • lakes • constructed wetlands • boardwalks • river bank erosion control • aquatic habitat creation • natural swimming ponds • SUDS work

Water Gems (Alba) Ltd was founded in 1993 by Nick Benge. With an Honours degree in Biological Sciences specialising in Ecology and an MAq in Aquaculture, Nick is supported by fellow directors who have studied geology and mechanical engineering.

They are based in Edinburgh with an additional office in Glasgow. They are a recommended installer for Firestone EPDM liners in Scotland and the north of England and have the PA6AW Certificate of Competence (with aquatic element) for the use of herbicides (spraying and wiping) on invasive aquatic plants.

WaterGems (ALBA) Ltd won the Gardening Scotland 2010 Gold medal and best show garden.

Gardening Scotland 2010


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