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Pond Liner Technical Bulletin

QuickSeam™ Repair Kits and Patches

repair kit

Firestone Repair Kit

Our Firestone QuickSeam Repair Kit includes all the components you’ll need for repairing small punctures and splits.

This kit includes two 6” (150mm)square EPDM patches with a sticky backing plus a small bottle of the QuickPrimePlus liner preparation fluid.
Applied using the green scrubber pad, the QPP fluid cleans the surface of the liner and acts as a primer agent for the self-adhesive tape backing on the patch. Once applied the patch creates a strong watertight repair.
It is suitable for all rubber liner repairs. Easy to apply and lasts a lifetime. You can fill the pond straightaway so your pond life gets back to normal quickly.

qpp tin

Quick Prime Plus

250ml Tin
125ml Tin

Quickprime Plus is what activates the rubber to allow the Formflash patches to really grip the liner and create a long term fix. You’ll be amazed at the strength of the join immediately.

Available in 125ml and 250ml tins you’ll be able to join a stream or waterfall simply and effectively with confidence that you have a watertight join.

Remember, this isn’t a glue that can work on its own, it’s half of the process to join and repair liner using the Splice tape or Formflash.

form flash roll

230mm wide Formflash

This versatile material is a part-cured rubber with a sticky backing so can be used for bigger repairs, along with the QuickPrime Plus.

Perfect for covering folds too so you can make a really neat finish to your pond and it prevents insect life and debris building up in the folds.

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If you have any questions just call and we will be happy to help. Use the link below see a repair patch tutorial.


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