Pond liner retail display

We offer a variety of pond liner PoS display stands, including manually loaded roll stands for smaller roll sizes, and larger 2m wide roll stands for "As They Are" Firestone PondGard rolls that can be loaded directly by forklift truck.

Prepacked Pond Liners and Roll Stands

Prepacked Pond Liners by Gordon Low - A large range of popular pre-cut sizes attractively and protectively packaged with clear product labelling giving information on product material, liner size, item weight, barcode etc. The colourful wrap includes pond liner fitting instructions.

Our range of bespoke heavy duty, extendable shelving units and informative PoS banners and info boards will not only hold your shop floor stock of prepacked Pond Liners and Underlay, but the user friendly pond construction information panel will enable customers to make informed decisions on liner and underlay size selection.

Pond Liner Mini Roll Stand

Pond Liner Roll stands by Gordon Low - Three rolls of liner from our large range of Butyl, EPDM and PVC pond liner rolls can be displayed on our Mini Roll Stand covering just 1 sq.m of shop floor space. A roll of pond liner underlay is dispensed from the rear of the stand.

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