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WaterGems (ALBA) Ltd - BALI Award winning Fife Garden Pond

BALI Grand Award winners Water Gems, teamed up with garden designer Carolyn Grohmann of Secret Gardens, using a Gordon Low Pond Liner in the creation of an award winning private garden.

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(All images and text courtesy of WaterGems and Secret Gardens)


Water Gems description of the project:

"A figure of eight-shaped pond with a ribbon edging of cut sandstone, bold marginal planting and a glass-like surface punctuated with water soldiers and lilies, provide the centrepiece to the garden. A green roofed arbour set against dry stone walling and with a spacious deck below, provides a sheltered seating area from which to contemplate the pool".

Designer Carolyn Grohmann's comment regarding the final look of the pond:

"The shape of the pond was dictated by the desire not to overwhelm the garden with too much water while giving a sufficiently long line for reflection. In this way, the figure of eight shape was established. In order to accentuate this I chose a twisting ribbon to define the water's edge and a very pale sandstone was settled on, after many other choices of materials and colours were discarded".

Contact :-


Nick Benge of Water Gems (Alba) Ltd: www.watergems.co.uk



Carolyn Grohmann of Secret Gardens: www.secretgardensdesign.co.uk


UK sales office : 01480 405433


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