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Firestone Seaming System and Tailor Made Liners

Not all pond projects can be completed using a single flat sheet liner. Some projects involve 3D liners (box-welded or tailor made liners) fabricated in our factory from measurements or templates and supplied complete ready to drop in. Other projects require fabrication on-site, in the actual pond and these require liners to be cut and welded.


Firestone pondgard box liner


Cornwall Ponds specified Firestone PondGard to line the sump for this swimming pond. The vertical walls make this an ideal project for Firestone 1.02mm PondGard EPDM which is fully adhered to the wall using Firestone Bonding Adhesive. The Quickseam Splice System allows water tight jointing on site.

seaming a firestone liner


Firestone Quickseam splicing products are the ideal solution for on-site seaming, joining and repairing of EPDM Liner. We can supply the full range of these products along with practical advice on all aspects of our Seaming System. Seaming courses are held at our Bedfordshire Factory enabling our customers to learn seaming methods through hands on experience.

pipe work penetrations in to pond


Tailor Made Pipe Sleeves are made to order (minimum 100mm diameter). We fabricate these from EPDM and Butyl and they are applied to the liner using the QuickSeam system. We also supply QuickSeam, Universal Pipe Sleeves (Moulded EPDM) for sealing around liner pipe penetrations and this comes complete with QuickSeam Tape already applied to the flange and a Stainless Steel clamp to secure the to the pipe.

Template tailor made liners


Martin Kelley of Fairwater Ltd specified our 1.00mm SealEco Greenseal EPDM for the Swimming Pond in the award winning M & G Garden at last year’s Chelsea Flower Show. Martin sent us over the base template and we started with a 9m x 15m sheet which was then intricately welded to produce this lovely natural pond with vertical sides. Given a good template, or for less complicated designs, accurate measurements, we are able to pre-fabricate liners that fit like a glove and provide a fabulous focal point for any garden.

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