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M & G 2015 Chelsea Flower Show Box-welded Liner.

Featuring the M & G garden designed by Jo Thompson which won Silver Gilt at Chelsea in 2015. Jo tasked Martin Kelly of Fairwater Ltd to install the liner and working alongside Scott of S.H. Landscape they achieved some fantastic results.


formal water feature ponds


The M&G Garden - The Retreat has a beautifully-crafted, sturdy double-storey oak-framed building, a natural dipping pool and soft elegant planting. The garden also has two areas for sitting and resting; a curved wooden bench sunk into an area surrounded by flowers and a sleek stone bench at the water’s edge of the natural swimming pool.

classic box welded liner

Pond plan templates created from CAD data were produced and used by both the ground workers constructing the hard landscaping, and our fabricators. This allowed the liner to be manufactured and delivered to site whilst the actual pond was still being constructed, ensuring the project could be completed in time.

Gartenart swim pond construction


Once the liner was in place the build could continue, in this case a deck/jetty and pavilion stand on top of the liner above the water line. The decking/jetty is supported by submerged Oak posts standing in the pond on top of the liner.

Gartenart swimming pond in winter


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