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Gordon Low Pond liner Underlay

Gordon Low pond liner underlay is not a simple fleece, the high quality underlay materials we supply are superior non-woven, mechanically bonded, needle-punched, polypropylene geotextiles, sourced from leading European manufacturers.

Our pond liner underlays offer exceptionally high performance and provide a highly effective protective barrier between substrate and liner. We recommend that our Heavy Duty Underlay is used beneath all our liners, not only to help protect liners from penetration by sharp stones, roots, etc, but also to reduce excessive localised stretching of the liner when ground settlement occurs over time.

The geotextile materials we source are actually developed for commercial road building and ground stabilisation applications and are far superior to many cheaper underlay felts available for the pond liner market. We would recommend comparing technical specifications of our materials before being lead by price, remember the underlay has to protect your pond liner for the whole of its life. Please go to our downloads page for Specification Sheets to compare the Protective Properties of the materials, such as Puncture Resistance and Tensile Strength.

Our 50 years trading experience reinforces our belief that quality pond building begins with selecting high quality products from the industry leading suppliers. Using cheaper materials with a lower grade specification could potentially lead to a liner failure in years to come. We suggest fitting the highest grade of Underlay your budget allows.

We supply Pond Liner Underlay in two Grades, a budget Pond Grade Underlay (150-180gsm) and a more robust Heavy Duty Underlay (250-260gsm). Depending upon manufacturer and specification, these materials can be white or light grey in appearance.

For easy identification and Quality Control purposes, the materials are printed at regular intervals with manufacturer type details.

SealEco EPDM pond liner

Our UHD Heavy Duty geotextile pond underlay rolls are available as 2m x 30m and 2m x 150m full rolls.

large pond liner roll

UPG Pond Grade underlay is available as 2m x 25m compact rolls

We supply Pond Underlay as Full Size Rolls for landscapers, Compact Rolls for Aquatic Centre Roll Stands, and as cut-to-size Bales for garden pond builders. Both Grades are supplied as 2 metre wide sheets folded to 1m wide and cut to length as Bales from 2m x 2m upto 2m x 12m, as Rolls 2m x 25m (Pond Grade), 2m x 30m (Heavy Duty) to fit our mini rolls stands for Aquatic centres, and as rolls 2m or 5.25m widths x 100m/150m/200m for larger landscaping work and can be delivered direct to site.

We also prepack the budget Pond Grade Underlay as 2m x 5m bales for Aquatic Centres using our pond liner prepack display stands.


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