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About Us

Gordon Low Products is the UK’s top provider of waterproof liners and containment solutions for aquatic and water management projects.  With over 50 years of experience, we are trusted by landscape architects, designers, engineers, installers and consultants for projects in the UK and internationally.  Renowned for providing high quality products and services, we are proud to have many long-standing loyal customers.

Originally a family run business, in 2022 we became part of SealEco, who have been supplying the greatest proportion of our pond liners for many years and are the manufacturers of the market leading brands Greenseal EPDM, the UK’s best known pond liner and also Elastoseal, which is used for larger water containment projects.  Since January 2024, we are officially SealEco UK Ltd, however in order to retain our well known history, we will retain the name of Gordon Low.

SealEco are a European manufacturer of EPDM and Butyl membranes and the membranes are used not only in ponds, water containment and management, but also in many building envelope protection solutions, e.g. roofing, facade waterproofing & air sealing.

Becoming part of SealEco and the parent company Nordic Waterproofing Group means that we have even greater capacity and resources to work in a wide variety of sectors – from domestic pond liners to large scale water management and containment.

Our Pond Liner ranges are available in leading aquatics and garden centres nationwide. Additionally, for civil engineering and horticulture projects, we offer a diverse selection of galvanised steel water storage tanks and liners.

In the commercial, domestic and leisure sectors, we specialise in supplying custom-made liners. Whether it’s a straightforward rectangle, or a more intricate design with features such as built-in steps and sumps, we provide bespoke crease-free solutions for even the most complex plans.

Our Liner Solutions

Pond Liner Retail Solutions

Our range of Pond Liners includes liners to meet all of your customers’ requirements and all are of the highest quality and specification within their range giving excellent value for money.

Box-Welded Liner Solutions

A tailor-made liner is simply a prefabricated Pond Liner made to your exact dimensions to fit like a glove into your pond construction. All seams are full overlap factory welds (hot bond vulcanised) for maximum strength, which means that there are no folds or site seaming required during installation, ensuring the perfect fit for your project.

Lake Liner Solutions

Our unique manufacturing system allows us to make single sheet liners up to 1,800m2 in 0.75mm or 1,400m2 in 1.00mm SealEco EPDM or Butyl. We also supply Firestone GeoGard 1.14mm Geomembrane sheets.

Seaming Solutions

We stock a comprehensive range of tapes and adhesives for joining sheets and attaching rills and waterfalls. The simple seaming process guarantees a watertight seal and is also used on large commercial projects.

For larger scale projects, we offer our SealEco’s patented EPDM Thermobond Heat Welded system for onsite installation.

Water Tanks

We supply a large range of surface mounted water tanks for water management in horticulture, agriculture, sports grounds and for fish keeping and aquatics. Our tanks are also supplied to Aid Agencies, where compact shipping and easy erection is essential for setting up emergency water supplies in disaster areas and irrigation schemes in developing parts of the world.

UK sales office : 01480 405433


Our Products

SealEco EPDM Pond Liner

0.75mm 1.00mm

Elevate PondGard EPDM


Gordon Low PVC Pond Liner


Geotextile Underlay

150gsm & 250gsm