Retail Pond Liner

Retail Pond Liner

Prepacked Retail Pond Liner

Discover convenient and eye-catching packaging for our retail pond liners, featuring a variety of pre-cut sizes. Each package is thoughtfully labelled with essential details like material, size, weight, and barcode, accompanied by clear fitting instructions on vibrant, branded wrap.

Our heavy-duty, adjustable shelving units, along with engaging Point of Sale (PoS) banners and info boards, not only organise your shop’s prepacked pond liners and underlay but also provide customers with user-friendly pond construction information. This enables them to make well-informed decisions about liner and underlay size selection.

If you’re interested in becoming one of our growing retail partners, please reach out to discuss the available options. We look forward to the possibility of collaboration.

UK sales office : 01480 405433


We provide Pond Underlay in two forms: Compact Rolls for Aquatic Centre Roll Stands and cut-to-size Bales for garden pond builders. Both grades come in 2-meter-wide sheets, folded to 1 meter wide. Bales are available in sizes ranging from 2m x 2m to 2m x 12m, while Rolls are offered in sizes of 2m x 25m (Pond Grade) and 2m x 30m (Heavy Duty) to fit our mini rolls stands for Aquatic centres.

Retail Mini Roll Stand from Gordon Low Pond Products

Gordon Low Mini-Roll Stands

Retailers are provided with pond liner display stands, including Mini roll stands for cutting pond liners (up to 6m widths) and custom shelving units for prepacks (PVC and EPDM). Our in-house designed stands are space-efficient, fitting within standard pallet dimensions.

If you are interested in joining our ever increasing number of Retail Stockists, please contact us to discuss the options we have available.

UK sales office : 01480 405433