Water Tank Liners

Water Tank Liners

Water Storage Tank Liners

Gordon Low Products Ltd stands as a prominent UK manufacturer and provider of water tank solutions, specialising in EPDM and Butyl Rubber water tank liners. Our offerings extend to demountable steel water tank kits, drinking water tanks, and replacement liners.

Our diverse range includes surface-mounted water tanks tailored for water management in horticulture, agriculture, sports grounds, and more. Additionally, our tanks cater to fish keeping and aquatics enthusiasts. We play a crucial role in supplying tanks to Aid Agencies, where compact shipping and easy assembly are vital for swiftly establishing emergency water supplies in disaster-stricken areas and supporting irrigation projects in developing regions around the world.

Gordon Low Water Storage Tank Kits – Quality construction & easy on-site installation

Crafted from cold-rolled galvanised steel sections (compliant with BS2989), our tank kits are supplied with a custom-made rubber liner, available in a choice of 0.75mm or 1.0mm SealEco EPDM (Greenseal) and 0.75mm or 1.0mm Butyl. These kits offer cost-effective, enduring solutions for water storage needs, featuring capacities ranging from 1,600 litres to over 865,000 litres. Each Tank Kit includes essential steel components and fittings such as anchor brackets, wire tensioner, capping, clips, along with the specified grade of rubber liner.

WRc approved Drinking Water Quality Butyl Liners

This material, approved by WRc, has undergone testing in accordance with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Standard BS6920. It has been evaluated for Odour/Flavour, Appearance of Water, Growth of Microbes, and Extraction of Harmful Substances, successfully passing all tests.

As a trade supplier, we extend our support. If you seek guidance on our various tank liner products or assistance with making a purchase, feel free to reach out to us. Your inquiries are welcome, and we are here to help.

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