Pond Liner Seaming

Pond Liner Seaming

Pond Liner Seaming, pipe connections and repair products

We offer a range of products for Pond Liner Seaming, including self-adhesive tapes, cleaning and preparation primer, and small puncture repair kits. Additionally, we provide flashings, pipework accessories, and sealants, all compatible with our EPDM liners. Elevate QuickSeam™ splicing products serve as an excellent on-site solution for seaming, joining, and repairing EPDM Liner, ensuring simplicity in use, and delivering professional-quality results.

For larger ponds, lakes, and commercial projects, we recommend utilising the expertise of Trained Elevate Installers for the installation and on-site seaming of Elevate PondGard EPDM liners.

QuickSeam™ Splice Tape, a proven seaming technology

Multiple Elevate PondGard™ EPDM membrane panels can be assembled on site using the Elevate QuickSeam Splice Tape System. This advanced method of EPDM field seaming is based on Elevate QuickSeam Splice Tape, a self-adhesive EPDM/Butyl tape. Since its first application in 1987, millions of linear metres of Elevate QuickSeam Tape have been successfully installed worldwide.

QuickSeam™ FormFlash

QuickSeam™ 9″ Form Flash is a 228mm (9″) wide, uncured EPDM flashing laminated to cured seam tape. QuickSeam FormFlash is used to flash inside and outside corners, reinforce lap seams, cover repairs, pipe penetrations and other applications as specified by Firestone Installation Guidelines. Supplied as a 228 mm x 15.24 m (9.0” x 50ft) full roll (or part roll cut to the nearest 0.5m). Thickness: 1.6 mm (0.065” ). Used with QuickPrimePlus Primer and a QuickScrubber pad to clean and prime mating surfaces.

Gordon Low Pond Liner Repair Kit

The Pond Liner Repair Kit comprises everything you need for minor and straightforward patching. It consists of a 230mm x 250mm FormFlash EPDM patch and a can of QuickPrime Plus.

Utilizing the scrubber pad, apply the QuickPrime Plus fluid, which not only cleans the liner’s surface but also serves as a primer for the self-adhesive tape backing on the patch. After application, the patch forms a robust, waterproof repair.

Gordon Low Pond Liner Joining Kit

Our handy liner joining kit lets you add a stream or waterfall liner to your pond or even a spare piece of liner to create a bog garden to invite more wildlife in to your garden.

The kit includes 3 metres of tape and a tin of QuickPrime Plus to make a really robust professional join. The chalk, scrubber pad and roller are all the elements you need to complete a successful watertight join.

QuickSeam™ Universal pipe sleeve

QuickSeam™ Universal Pipe Sleeve (Moulded EPDM) For sealing around liner pipe penetrations. Suitable for the following Pipe Outside Diameters :- 25.4 mm – 34.9 mm (1.0″ – 1.375″) 41.3 mm – 47.6 mm (1.625″ – 1.875″) 50.8 mm – 66.7 mm (2.0″ – 2.625″) 69.8 mm – 92.1 mm (2.75″ – 3.625″) 102.0 mm – 114.0 mm (4.0″ – 4.50″) 127.0 mm – 141.0 mm (5.0″ – 5.50″) 152.4 mm – 174.6 mm (6.0″ – 6.875″)

Comes complete with QuickSeam Tape already applied to flange and a Stainless Steel hose clamp to secure to the pipe. Base Flange: 330 mm (13.0″) O.D.

(Note: Installation requires QuickPrimePlus Primer, Scrubber Pad, Hand roller, Water Block Seal and Lap Sealant).

Bonding Adhesive & Termination Bar

The Firestone Bonding Adhesive BA-2012 is a solvent-based contact adhesive designed specifically for bonding Firestone PondGard™ and GeoGard™ EPDM membranes to approved insulations in addition to wood, metal, masonry and other acceptable substrates.

Aluminium termination bar is supplied in 3m lengths and is cut down as required. We can supply masonary fixings for block work.

Gordon Low prefabricated pipe sleeve

TAILOR-MADE pipe sleeves are made to order (note:- minimum 100mm diameter pipe size). We fabricate these from EPDM or BUTYL pond liner sheet and are also applied to the liner using the QuickSeam™ system.

Safety Guidelines

When using Elevate Seaming Products follow all appropriate Safety Guidelines.

For Material Safety Data Sheets please go to:-