Slurry Lagoons

Slurry Lagoons

Slurry Lagoon Liners

Excessive nitrate levels in freshwater can lead to various harmful effects on rivers, streams, and lakes. In areas with elevated nitrate levels, farmers must adopt practices that minimize the risk of watercourse pollution.

These measures are particularly relevant in designated Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs), where the potential for runoff into watercourses is most pronounced. For farmers, this entails the need to expand their capacity for storing larger quantities of manure. A cost-effective solution for achieving this is the implementation of an EPDM Rubber-lined slurry lagoon.

Advantages of an earth-banked slurry lagoon with EPDM lining

  • Flexibility in size, shape, and placement to align with individual farm requirements
  • Ability to comply with Environment Agency standards
  • Cost-effective solution in comparison to above-ground structures with the need for restraining walls
  • Diminished visual impact
  • Extended lifespan when appropriately designed, constructed, and maintained using high-quality EPDM Rubber Geomembranes

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