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Gordon Low Products is the leading UK supplier of flexible waterproof liners and are Water Containment Specialists with solutions for any scale of aquatics or water management project, be it a modest garden pond, landscaped lake or five-hectare reservoir.

Landscaping & Ponds

For the commercial, domestic and leisure industry we supply bespoke tailor made liners, from a simple rectangle to a more complex design with steps and sumps, providing crease free solutions to the most complicated plans.

Water Containment

Gordon Low Products Ltd are a leading UK water tank liner manufacturer and supplier of EPDM and Butyl Rubber water tank liners, demountable steel water tank kits, drinking water tanks and replacement water tank liners.

Water Attenuation

Commercial drainage systems used to control the rate, volume and quality of storm water run-off from commercial development projects are referred to as Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).


To ensure long-term sustainability, we require efficient water purification, conservation, and solutions for water scarcity.

Pond & Lake Liner

Our range of flexible waterproof liners all are of the highest quality and specification giving excellent value for money.


Water Containment

We supply a large range of surface mounted water tanks for water management in horticulture, agriculture and aquatics


Water Attenuation

Our products offer dependable performance for many applications including attenuation ponds, slurry lagoons and landscape products



To ensure long-term sustainability, we require efficient water purification, conservation, and solutions for water scarcity.


Aquatic & Horticultural Water Containment Specialists

With over five decades of trading, Gordon Low are Water Containment Specialists; our proficiency, in-depth product knowledge and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service have solidified our position as a trusted supplier. Today, our products are specified by landscape architects, designers, engineers, installers, and consultants for projects both in the UK and internationally.

Within the retail sector, our Pond Liner ranges are stocked by prominent aquatics and garden centres nationwide. Catering to civil engineering projects and horticulture, we offer a comprehensive selection of galvanised steel water storage tanks and liners.

Our Pond Liner Estimator ⇒

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Pond & Lake Liner

Water Containment

Water Attenuation


UK Trade Suppliers

Operating from our manufacturing and distribution facility in Wyboston, Bedfordshire, we specialise in crafting and supplying tailored solutions for the UK Aquatic and Horticultural trades. Gordon Low | SealEco are renowned Water Containment Specialists, for producing flexible waterproof liners and comprehensive containment solutions suitable for projects of any scale in aquatics or water management. Whether it’s a small garden pond, a fishpond, a landscaped lake, or a five-hectare reservoir, we custom-manufacture liners to precise specifications using only the finest quality materials.

Gordon Low | SealEco are a trade supplier but if you would like advice on our different water containment specialists solutions or pond liner products, or help to purchase our products, we welcome your call.


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Commercial Pond & Lake Liners

Whether you are looking to line an Ornamental Lake, Attenuation Pond, Slurry Lagoon, Rainwater harvesting SUDS system or Irrigation Water Tank, our unique production process allows us to manufacture large pond liners up to 1800m2 as a single sheet, typ. 40m x 45m, and fabricate tailor made boxes or cylindrical tank liners.

We manufacture and supply high quality EPDM rubber pond liners used for more demanding applications including :-

Lakes & Ponds




Water Tank

Rainwater Harvesting

Retail Pond Liners

Gordon Low | SealEco pond liner retail packaging options include a large range of popular pre-cut sizes attractively and protectively packaged with bright, clear product labelling, giving information on product material, liner size, item weight, barcode etc. The colourful branded wrap includes basic pond liner fitting instructions.

Our range of bespoke heavy duty, extendable shelving units and informative PoS banners and info boards will not only hold your shop floor stock of prepacked Pond Liners and Underlay, but the user friendly pond construction information panel will enable customers to make informed decisions on liner and underlay size selection.

InStore Point of Sale

We offer a variety of pond liner PoS display stands for retailers of our pond liners. These include our very popular Mini roll stands for cut-from-roll pond liners up to 6m widths (25m rolls PVC, 20m rolls Greenseal EPDM) and bespoke dedicated shelving units for our prepacks, both flat folded PVC pond liners, and rolled bales (Greenseal & PondGard EPDM). All of our stands are designed in-house and take up no more than a standard pallet size of valuable floor space.

Retail PVC Pond Liner Stand from Gordon Low Pond Products

Pre-Packed Pond Liners

Mini-Roll Stands

Box-Welded Pond Liners

A box-welded liner is a prefabricated 3D pond liner made to your exact dimensions to fit like a glove into your pond construction. There are no folds or site seaming required during installation. All of the seams are fully overlapping factory welds (hot bond vulcanised) for maximum strength.

Fabricated in our factory to your dimensions, sketch or technical drawing.

Box-Welded Pond Liners

Pond Liner Estimator

If you are yet to dig your pond, or are unable to measure it with a flexible tape measure, or simply just planning a pond, then use our simple Pond Liner Calculator to estimate the sheet size required for your pond.

How to use this pond liner calculator :-

Simply enter your ponds longest length, widest width and maximum depth dimensions (in Metres) in the relevant boxes below and the calculator will show an estimate of the pond volume in Litres and pond liner size required, which you may use as a guide to help with selecting filtration equipment and fish stocking levels.

For example a proposed pond with maximum length of 6m, a maxium width of 4m and maximum depth of 1m will require a Pond Liner 9m x 7m and have a maximum volume of 24,000 litres.

Pond Estimator


The Pond Liner Estimator will automatically add 0.5m to both the length and width as an overlap to secure the liner. This allowance (25cm on each edge) may be reduced if securing under brickwork, or extended for a bog garden edging or beach.

Please note:- we strongly recommend you only use these calculations as part of your project planning exercise and strongly advise measuring the final excavated pond profile and overlap (edge dig in) required with a flexible tape measure prior to purchasing the liner. We would always recommend obtaining professional advice regarding pond size and water volume in relation to the end use, be it a wildlife or fish pond (i.e. minimum depth to avoid freezing, the number and size of fish you can have, etc.).

Now you know what size liner you need, whats next? Choose a pond liner type (rubber or pvc) and where to go to get the best deal!

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