Box-Welded Pond Liner

Box-Welded Pond Liner

WaterScenes Box-Welded Liner from Gordon Low Pond Products

Gordon Low Tailor Made Box-Welded Pond Liners

Gordon Low has been crafting bespoke pond liners in the UK for over five decades, specialising in tailor-made solutions such as box-welded pond liners. We take pride in supplying the Aquatic Trade with meticulously manufactured pond and tank liners of the highest quality, produced in our dedicated UK factory.

Our tailored liners are created using either SealEco’s Greenseal EPDM or SealEco’s Butyl Rubber. These premium liners cater to both the UK Commercial and Domestic markets, serving a broad customer base that includes professional landscapers, trained installers, and Aquatic Wholesalers.

Why Box-Welded Pond Liner?

A box-welded pond liner, essentially a prefabricated solution crafted to precise dimensions, seamlessly integrates into your pond construction like a glove. All seams undergo full overlap factory welds (hot bond vulcanised) for optimal strength. The installation process is hassle-free, as there are no folds or on-site seaming requirements.

We are a trade supplier, however if you would like advice on our different pond liner products, or help to purchase our products, we welcome your call.

UK sales office : 01480 405433