Gordon Low PVC Pond Liner

Gordon Low PVC Pond Liner

Gordon Low PVC Pond Liner

Our budget-friendly, high-quality PVC Pond Liner is perfect for small to medium ponds, offering exceptional flexibility and strong puncture resistance.

The 0.5mm Retail Pond Liner rolls are equipped with an integrated tape measure and individually wrapped for outdoor storage. Specifically rolled at 80cm wide to fit our Mini Roll Stand for convenient shop display and easy dispensing, they are available in 25m rolls across a comprehensive range of metric widths from 2m to 12m.

Retail Pond Liner

  • Pre-Packed Sheets: Also offered as pre-packed pond liner sheets, ranging from 2m x 2m to 8m x 10m, perfect for flat shelf display.
  • Display Stand: Our specially designed display stand showcases popular pre-packed liners, accommodating sizes up to 5m x 6m.
  • Made to Order: 0.5mm PVC liner sheets can be custom fabricated for any size, with a maximum of 25m x 30m.
  • Guarantees:  Pond Liners come with a lifetime guarantee for sizes up to 140m2 and a 20-year guarantee for larger sizes.
  • Stock Availability: The complete range of rolls and pre-packs is readily available in stock.
  • Neat Packaging: Liners are neatly folded and packaged for attractive shop displays.
  • Retail Stands: Purpose-designed retail stands for pre-packs and liner rolls are space-efficient, taking up no more than a pallet size.

UK sales office : 01480 405433


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