Gordon Low Geotextile Pond Liner Underlay

Gordon Low Geotextile Pond Liner Underlay

Geotextile Pond Liner Underlay

Our Geotextile Pond Liner underlay stands apart from standard fleece materials. We proudly offer superior underlay crafted from premium non-woven, mechanically bonded, needle-punched polypropylene geotextiles sourced from renowned UK manufacturers.

Our pond liner underlays boast exceptional performance. It serves as a highly effective protective barrier between the substrate and the liner. We strongly advise the use of our Heavy Duty Underlay beneath all our liners. This not only shields liners from potential damage by sharp objects like stones and roots, but also minimises undue localised stretching of the liner when ground settlement occurs over time.

Geotextile Materials

The geotextile materials we procure are originally designed for commercial road construction and ground stabilization purposes. It surpasses the quality of numerous lower-cost underlay felts found in the pond liner market. We strongly advise conducting a thorough comparison of technical specifications before making a decision solely based on price. It’s crucial to bear in mind that the underlay plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your pond liner throughout its entire lifespan.

We encourage you to visit our downloads page to access Specification Sheets, allowing you to compare the protective properties of the materials. Key factors to consider include Puncture Resistance and Tensile Strength. This ensures a well-informed choice for the longevity and durability of your pond liner.


  • Superior Quality: Our geotextile materials, originally developed for commercial road building and ground stabilisation, surpass many cheaper alternatives in the pond liner market.
  • Prioritise Technical Specifications: We strongly recommend comparing the technical specifications of our materials before deciding solely based on price. Remember, the underlay plays a crucial role in protecting your pond liner throughout its entire lifespan.
  • Specification Sheets: Visit our downloads page for Specification Sheets to assess Protective Properties, including Puncture Resistance and Tensile Strength.
  • 50 Years of Experience: With 50 years of trading experience, we emphasise the importance of starting a quality pond build by selecting top-notch products from industry-leading suppliers. Opting for cheaper, lower-grade materials may risk liner failure in the future.
  • Underlay Grades: We offer Pond Liner Underlay in two grades – a budget Pond Grade Underlay (150gsm) and a sturdier Heavy-Duty Underlay (250gsm).

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