Gordon Low BUTYL Rubber Pond Liner

Butyl Pond Liner

Gordon Low Products are now part of SealEco, who produce Butyl rubber geomembrane sheets at the production facility in Sweden.   In our factory in Bedfordshire, we fabricate (Hot Bond Seam Weld) Butyl pond liner rolls for our retail display stands.  We supply pre-cut Butyl pond liners as prepacks for Aquatic Retail Centres and single sheet pond liners.  Sizes are from 2m x 2m, up to 45m x 40m for landscaping applications delivered direct to site.

Butyl pond liner is a synthetic rubber membrane with exceptional physical properties, making it the ideal choice for lining ponds, lakes, lagoons, canals and streams. 


The Landscapers’ Favourite

Historically, Butyl rubber was the landscaper’s and gardener’s favourite liner for ponds.  This was due to its longevity, versatility and superior performance, making it easily the most popular choice.  Indeed, such is its popularity that, even today, many people refer to all pond liners in general, as butyl. 

EPDM rubber, developed in 1959, has become more widely used in building and civil engineering. Seen as a ‘next generation’ membrane, it provides not only the majority of the same technical properties of Butyl, but also has the additional benefit of being more price friendly for the retail pond market. Consequently, it means we now fabricate more EPDM liners than Butyl, although Butyl still remains a landscapers’ favourite material,  Both Butyl and EPDM pond liners are available from Gordon Low.

See our box welded liner page for information on tailor made pond liners, and our download page for technical specifications.


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