Project Showcase

Garden Ponds

Project Showcase

Garden Ponds

Image: Nick Hounsfield 

A.G.A. Group – Garden Pond

AGA Group Enviro-Fix Limited (AGA) were contracted by Frosts Landscapes on behalf of a corporate client in Windlesham to line a newly excavated pond as part of a landscaping package for the rural site.  AGA have a wealth of experience in carrying out this specialist type of pond lining and all operatives are fully familiar with the type of liner required and trained by the product supplier.  Previous experience in designing and installing ponds and lakes all over the UK also allowed our Project Manager to develop the required design according to the client brief.

The pond required 1800m² of EDPM Liner (ethylene propylene diene Monomer is a synthetic rubber with properties very similar to butyl rubber pond liners). The initial excavation was undertaken by another sub-contractor appointed by the client.  Upon commencing the groundworks, the contractor undertaking the excavation found that there was a large amount of groundwater present within the site of the pond, which was an issue which could potentially cause the liner to lift once the pond was completed. This problem was unexpected, and a solution was needed in order for the project to continue and be completed within the timescale required.

Following meetings with the client’s representatives, AGA designed a solution to ensure the groundwater did not adversely affect the pond following completion. A drainage system was installed under the liner, which leads into an installed collection chamber. Water is collected and then pumped out of the chamber and piped down to an outlet into the pond 100mm below the water level. The liner was laid on top of heavy-duty underlay protection membrane and the banks were also protected with the same product on top of the liner before the banks were landscaped with a soil overburden. Three pre-cast headwalls were also incorporated into the lined pond.

Following the lining and filling of the pond, an AGA Lake Aid aeration system was introduced by running buddle tubing along the pond bed to complete the project.

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