Project Showcase

Slurry Lagoon

Project Showcase

Slurry Lagoon

Image: Nick Hounsfield 

Turtle Productions – Neydown Farm Slurry Lagoon

Turtle Productions were commissioned by Lorne Stewart on behalf of Cornwall County Council, in collaboration with Gwella Contracting, to reline Neydown Farms’ failed HDPE slurry lagoon.

HDPE liners can’t be repaired like EPDM, so they use EPDM accessories to patch them. During our initial inspection, we found many poorly applied Elevate (Firestone) products attempting to fix the plastic. This lagoon needed relining with EPDM, which can last up to 60 years.

Gwella handled the draining and preparation of the lagoon, allowing us to reline it with Elevate’s 1.14mm GeoGard EPDM material. Due to the steepness, depth, and safety requirements of the site, this was our most challenging project.

Lorne Stewart’s SHEQ manager visited twice, providing valuable support, and helping us develop an innovative and safe solution to the site’s unique challenges, which involved using tied ladders and climbing equipment.

This project demonstrates what can be achieved when everyone works together to solve complex problems safely. All waste from this project has been saved for recycling.

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