What is Water Containment?

Water containment refers to the practice of managing and controlling the movement, storage, and distribution of water to prevent its wastage, contamination, or undesired dispersion. This can involve the use of various structures, such as reservoirs, tanks and lagoons.

Water Containment & Harvesting

With unpredictable weather, water is now a precious resource that needs careful management and storage for easy access. Harvesting rainwater from greenhouse roofs is a great solution for growers to secure essential water supplies.

You can store this harvested water in surface-mounted tanks or ground-based lagoons and reservoirs. EPDM and Butyl liners are used for tanks (shaped into 3D cylinders) and lagoons (as large flat sheets). The liners can be made up to 1,400m2 in a single sheet, potentially storing about 1,400m3 of water.

Water Containment benefits

Attenuation ponds are crucial for controlling water flow during heavy rainfall, preventing flooding. Found in new home construction areas, these ponds not only have practical benefits but also enhance wildlife habitats, improving the overall lifestyle of the area.

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