What is Water Attenuation?

Managing Water

Commercial drainage systems that manage stormwater from development projects are known as Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). These systems aim to prevent heightened flood risk and preserve natural water flow. They achieve this by promoting the absorption of stormwater into the ground. If this is not feasible, controlled discharge into watercourses or surface water/sewers is employed. Common methods include balancing ponds, attenuation ponds, and soakaways.

Gordon Low Products Ltd is a prominent UK manufacturer and supplier of EPDM and Butyl Rubber Pond liners specifically designed for use in attenuation ponds.

The Benefits

Underground attenuation tanks, designed with a box-welded EPDM liner and plastic attenuation crates, efficiently capture rainwater. The system is further enhanced by sealing it with an EPDM flap or lid. This construction method is commonly employed in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) for applications such as new housing developments, car parking areas, and controlled soak-away systems.

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